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CCAF saves lives, helps people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, and prevents new infections thanks to the generous support from its sponsors.

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Check out our new condom dispensers and learn how to order one here.

Responding to an immediate need in our community; the Capital City AIDS Fund (CCAF) has undertaken an aggressive effort to promote HIV prevention to Sacramento area youth. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that HIV infections among youth have skyrocketed. Alarmingly, 60% of HIV+ youth do not know they are HIV+.

CCAF's HIV Prevention and Education Campaign was launched in 2005 and has grown steadily since. Key to the effort has been the installation of dozens of free condom dispensers, which include full-color posters. The displays have been perfected over the years through testing in the field. CCAF's patented dispensers have proven so effective that some of the nation's largest HIV/AIDS organizations are now using CCAF's dispensers in locations across the globe, including distant locations in India and Africa.

In 2014, CCAF distributed 522,550 free condom and lube packets at key bars, restaurants and other locations that cater to our area’s youth. With each infection that is prevented, we potentially save a life and help prevent a chronic disease that can cost up to $20,000 annually, per individual, to treat. A 7-cent condom can prevent an infection and make a difference.

How can you help? Please donate to the CCAF HIV Prevention and Education Campaign. Here's what your contribution buys:


$25 Buys 357 condoms for free distribution at local venues
$100 Buys 10 vinyl poster/decals containing an HIV prevention message
$500 Buys 5 display/dispensers that will be installed at local venues
$1,000 Buys 1 display/dispenser and fills it with free condoms for 1 year
$2,500 Buys 33,300 condoms for free distribution at local venues
$5,000 Buys 50 display/dispensers that will be installed at local venues
$10,000 Buys 10 display/dispensers and fills them with free condoms for 1 year

Thank you for your support.